The HPV Vaccine Controversy | Shobha S Krishnan, MD

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AWARD WINNING, INDEPENDENTLY WRITTEN, WIDELY REVIEWED AND RECOMMENDED: The book discusses HPV infections, their disease consequences, role of the new vaccines, and the controversies surrounding them.

The book is intended to be used as a resource for parents, health care providers and the public at large. The purpose of the book is to empower readers by educating them on HPV and addressing the controversial issues surrounding the new HPV vaccines in a scientific, unbiased and culturally sensitive manner. The ultimate goal of the book, complementary to the author’s personal mission, is to help reduce the overall burden of HPV-related diseases—especially cervical cancer—throughout the world, and to ultimately eradicate it as a major chapter from the book of women’s health.

 Major Points:

The book provides a detailed description of the disease burden of HPV in women and men. The discussion includes natural history, transmission, who is at risk, disease consequences and how to keep HPV at bay.

The controversial issues surrounding the vaccines suggesting that they will promote sexual promiscuity are discussed extensively in the book.

The book also outlines specific dilemmas that parents face when asked to vaccinate their young children against a sexually transmitted infection.

In the final chapter, the book highlights the global need for intervention in the spread of cervical cancer.