The HPV Vaccine Controversy | Shobha S Krishnan, MD

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Februrary 14th, 2010: Article in The Hindu- India’s National Newspaper: Stop the Cancer in its Track

HPV Vaccine- Why it won’t promote sexual promiscuity

HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer- Is it worth Vaccinating

The HPV Vaccine – Are you confused?

All about HPV and Gardasil- A college girl’s guide-

How safe is Gardasil- the “HPV Hotshot? -

HPV: The CDC Report on the Most Common Sexually Transmitted Virus.

The Hindu:  Magazine section- For International Women Health Day:



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Ms. Magazine (winter 2010 issue): “Why Men’s Health is A Feminist Issue”- Interview with Dr. Shobha S. Krishnan

Columbia Spectator: The daily newspaper written by Columbia University undergraduates, interviews Dr. Shobha Krishnan on the HPV Vaccine:

Week of Feb 7th, 2010: Dr Krishnan’s interview in The Health Show:

Written Voices -audio interview-download 20 min. audio interview- download

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, host of The Sweet Spot podcast – audio interview- download

Crusade against ignorance – Gulf News

Too Young to Vaccinate

Doctor Radio- Sexual health and Gynecology

Sirius Channel 114, XM Channel 119- 03/09/2009

The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY) - Joanne E. McFadden

Bottom Line Women’s Health- Why My Teen got the HPV Vaccine- July 2009

Bottom Line Women’s Health- HPV and oral Cancers- September 2009 



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February 12, 2010: Columbia University, Asian Alliance

Oct 15th, 2009- Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York

Oct 9th, 2009-  National Cervical Cancer Coalition, Chicago - For video click here

April 15th- Trinity School, New York

April 7th, 2009- Student Health Advisory Council, Barnard college, Columbia University

March 26th, 2009- New Jersey College Health Association

March 25th, 2009- Guttmacher Institute, New York

March 23rd,2009- Westchester Community College

Jan 6th, 2009 – Institute on Child Health, Chennai, India.

Oct 23, 2008 - New York State College Health Association- Syracuse, New York.