The HPV Vaccine Controversy | Shobha S Krishnan, MD

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      About the Author

Dr KAs a physician, a parent and a woman, Dr. Krishnan (“Dr. K” to her patients) instinctively feels connected to the personal experiences with HPV that many people have shared with her.

Dr. Shobha Krishnan, is a board certified family physician and gynecologist in New York City. After receiving training in Obstetrics/Gynecology (India) and Family Medicine at St. Vincent Hospital and Healthcare Center, Indianapolis, Dr. Krishnan went into private practice for 10 years. During this time, she also served as a surveillance physician for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 1999, she moved to New York and joined Columbia U.

Krishnan has been involved in the area of primary care and women’s health for over 25 years. She has extensive experience both nationally and internationally in the field of HPV and HPV related diseases. As a physician, parent and author, she is well aware of the prevailing attitudes when sex, science, and the morals of society intersect. Her vast experience and expertise in this field have given her a unique perspective on the various issues related to HPV- ranging from the physical impact to the emotional upheaval.

She is on the Medical Advisory Board of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition and serves on the experts’ panel of The American Social Health Association. She is the Founder and President of the Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC), an internship, research, and volunteer program designed to increase awareness of and take action against HPV and cervical cancers.  Please click here for details.

Dr. Krishnan lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.  She is fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Kannada. Her interests include traveling, singing, reading and cross-training.

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